A safe place.

Surf Cat Ranch is a 501(c) (3)  non-profit dedicated to provide a refuge for feral/community/ non-adoptable cats and kittens on Maui. Surf cat ranch believes that every cat deserves a safe home in a nurturing environment.   We adopt feral/community cats that are not adoptable due to behavior and/or health issues.  We work to tame them, and have successfully turned many scared and/or grumpy cats into sweeties!  We also provide a home for senior cats that may not be deemed adoptable due to age or health status.  Adoptable tame kittens and cats need to be relinquished to the local humane society. We do not euthanize and community cats are returned to their homes in the community whenever possible.

Welcome home.

Currently, Surf Cat Ranch is home to over 250 Rescued Feral/ tame cats and kittens. All of our kitties are fixed, clipped, vaccinated, provided flea and worm medication, and microchipped. And did we mention SPOILED!!! Our kitties have wet food served every morning and access to round-the-clock fresh water and dry food as well as periodic onsite veterinary care. We currently have two large completed and fully secure enclosures. With plans of future builds of the future.


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