About Surf Cat Ranch


Surf Cat Ranch believes that every cat deserves and home and all cats on Maui need the be given the opportunity to live in a safe and nurturing environment. We have our first enclosure fence secure and plan to add several more secured fenced areas to the sanctuary which sits on nearly 8 acres of land in Haiku.

Surf Cat Ranch is a 501(c) (3)  non-profit dedicated to provide a refuge for feral/community/ non-adoptable cats and kittens on Maui who need homes.  This can be due any number of reasons; for example because of a loss of the primary caregiver or due to living in a area which is unsafe or unsuitable for the well-being of the cat.


every cat deserves a home

What we believe

Surf Cat Ranch believes that with a 'Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage' program in place, the community of Maui can manage the problem of over-population of cats on our island.   We have facilitated the spay/neuter of 1250 cats on Maui over the past four years. We travel all over Maui to identify unfixed cats/kittens.

Tame/adoptable cats and kittens are referred to the local humane society for care and adoption. Prediction tables for cat populations estimate our efforts prevented 30,000 cats from being born on Maui.

Sponsor a Cat

Why Sponsor?

Sponsorships help us care for our cats until they're adopted or help us to meet their needs if they live at the shelter for life.