Our Adoptable Adoptable

We believe every cat deserves a home. Maybe even yours. Here are our Adoptable looking for their 'forever homes'.

Meet Princess Honey Girl

Meet Princess Honey Girl! This precious angel and her very unique and quirky personality blended of both super sweet and semi spicy haha. Princess Honey Girl was sadly a surrendered pet and now lives at Surf Cat Ranch awaiting her furever Home! Princess Honey Girl is a senior  Brown and black tabby with white and…

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Meet Little Chip!

Meet Little Chip! This adorable pair of twins will absolutely melt your whole heart! They are brother and sister siblings and they definitely must be adopted as a pair as they have formed an inseparable and are lifelong best friends! Navi is a sweet boy & Cheyanne is a precious little girl. They are both…

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Meet Reddy

Meet Reddy! This darling angel is one of our totally blind Super Sweeties! Reddy is a senior Kitty who is a domestic short hair red tabby! Reddy is awaiting his furever home with his seeing eye brother Spike and they can be found in the adoption room!

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Meet Smokey Robinson!

Meet Smokey! Smokey is secretly a huge lover! She came to us a bit shy and feral but we soon realized that was a protection shield and once that came down she was a sweet honey! You can find Smokey living in our common area!

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Meet Holly!

Meet Holly! Our sweet Holly has come a long way as she was a feral when she first arrived here at surf cat ranch. With lots of time and love and patience she has turned into one of our super sweeties! You can find Holly living in our common area!  

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Meet Snug Bug!

Meet Snug Bug!   This Gorgeous Tuxedo boy has a list for life! He is one of our senior kitties who is full of spunk, love & cuddles! Currently Snug Bug is living in our Catio!

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Meet Lucy!

Meet Lucy in the sky with diamonds! This fantastic angel is sure to capture your heart as she is not afraid to put her love out there and reach out for affection! Currently Lucy is living upstairs in the common area!

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Meet Dino!

Meet Dino! Dino is a beautiful solid black who does a little cute dance when you give him pets! Such a sweetie! Dino is currently living in our adoption center awaiting his furever home!

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Meet Sasha!

Meet Sasha! Sasha the beautiful cream colored kitty! Such a sweet senior honey! Sasha is currently living in our adoption center awaiting her furever home!

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Meet Yugi

Meet Yugi! This gorgeous angel is a stunning Siamese kitty with a sweet personality and playful demeanor! Yugi is currently living in our adoption center awaiting her furever home!          

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Sponsorships help us care for our cats until they're adopted or help us to meet their needs if they live at the shelter for life.