Our Adoptable Adult Cats

We believe every cat deserves a home. Maybe even yours. Here are our Adult Cats looking for their 'forever homes'.

Meet Princess Honey Girl

Meet Princess Honey Girl! This precious angel and her very unique and quirky personality blended of both super sweet and semi spicy haha. Princess Honey Girl was sadly a surrendered pet and now lives at Surf Cat Ranch awaiting her furever Home! Princess Honey Girl is a senior  Brown and black tabby with white and…

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Meet Paul Macartney!

Meet Paul McCartney! You will find your dreamboat cat in this flame point cross-eyed, blue eyed total sweetheart of a boy!    He demands attention, so be ready to have him week you out!  He is an older boy, with lots of rascal still in his daily activities.  

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Meet Cow Cat!

Meet Cow Cat, This lovely boy was socialized at Surf Caat Ranch.   He slowly allowed pets and now he is always up for a snuggle and a nudge.  He likes to eat – perhaps a little too much.

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Meet Charlie!

Meet Charlie.  He has been in the taming phase living in the house for six months, and finally we can pet him with regular purrs.   It is satisfying to bring the old feral kittens into our nest for taming.   He is a beautiful classic red tabby and will be someones forever loving boy.    

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Meet Coal!

Meet Coal, Coal has come a long way from his life at the Sugar Cane Mill.   His colony caregiver realized he was nearly blind and struggling in the colony life, so he came to live at Surf Cat Ranch.    He is the number one office cat, and scratches at the office door until let…

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Meet Gracie!

Meet Gracie,   Gracie is a rare color – a dilute tortie.   She is happiest hanging out outdoors and on the reclusive side.  Absolutely a stunner!

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Meet Moxie the fire cat.

Meet Moxie, Moxie survived the Lahaina fire and joined the Surf Cat Ranch ohana when he had nowhere else to go.  He is a character!  His fur never fully filled in after the fire, so he looks a bit spotty.  He travels all over the sanctuary like he owns the place.  Love this cat!

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Meet Yugi

Meet Yugi! This gorgeous angel is a stunning Siamese kitty with a sweet personality and playful demeanor! Yugi is currently living in our adoption center awaiting her furever home!          

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Meet Taylor!

Meet Taylor! This handsome red boy recently joined our tribe with a family of 30 very sweet kitties! He is a domestic short haired orange tabby! Taylor is currently living in our Adoption center awaiting his furever home!

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Meet Juicy Lucy

Miss Lucy is a rascal to the bone.   She loves drama and would do best with another older kitten that can rumble and tumble with her; game on!

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