Our Rescue Stories

We believe every cat deserves a home. A safe, friendly and nurturing environment where they can thrive. Here are some heartwarming stories about Maui cats that we've helped to find their homes.

Meet Maile!

Maile, Our 3 legged Rag Doll Rescue Baby! Miley was born with a deformity that disabled her and required amputation. This does not slow her down one bit! She is is such a loving beautiful and playful cat! She absolutely loves sprinting and frolicking about with her furry friends here at Surf Cat Ranch!  Maile…

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Happy Paws

Happy Paws came to us from a large colony of feral cats in Kula. After a few months Happy Paws transformed into a Super Sweetie. His name fits his character. We Love Happy Paws! He is one of our ambassadors and not available for adoption.  You usually see him on the tours doing the Happy…

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Feliz is a shy sweet honey who was rescued from Hana! She has a tight group of friends here at the ranch and truly loves her home! You can usually find her in the trees out in the “Back 40”.

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Sweet Miss Maggie

Meet Miss Maggie! She is the best and an absolute hoot! She has such a unique personality. She is the sweetest thing you’ll ever meet but somehow sounds absolutely Feral! Once you get past her questionable demeanor you will find she is a real Lover at heart.

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Sponsorships help us care for our cats until they're adopted or help us to meet their needs if they live at the shelter for life.