Our Rescue Stories

We believe every cat deserves a home. A safe, friendly and nurturing environment where they can thrive. Here are some heartwarming stories about Maui cats that we've helped to find their homes.

Puff Puff & Raul

Puff Puff and Raul are bestfriends! You can always find them together loving on each other and following one another wherever the sunshine takes them!

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Meet Stud Muffin

Stud Muffin has been with us for 15 months and we are just now starting to pet him :). Stud came from a colony living on the property of an upscale condominium in Kahana. The residents were caring for the cats and being threatened with huge fines if they were caught and the Condominium association…

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Meet Milky

Milky came to us from a very sad situation. She was apart of a colony a gentleman cared cared for in Kihei. He unfortunately passed away and his colony had no one to take over. Milky along with others came to Surf Cat Ranch for a safe new home!

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Meet Helen

Helen is one of our many Amputee rescues! She zooms around on three legs and makes it look easy! This poor sweetie was ran over by a car near a beach park in Kihei. She was rushed to surgery and brought straight to Surf Cat Ranch for a long recovery where she became one of…

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Sponsorships help us care for our cats until they're adopted or help us to meet their needs if they live at the shelter for life.