Meet Butler!

Meet Butler!


Butler came from a really bad location. He was an older kitten living across from Foodland in Honokawai. Butler first came to Surf Cat Ranch he was completely feral! He was a part of one of our early feral taming experiments. I say experiments because we were new to feral cat rescue and taming. Butler and Brownie were both 5-6 month old feral kitties that we brought directly into our home. They hid most of the time, but would come out to eat. Brownie “broke”. She is now a total “I want to make love to you kitty”. She is FAT and lives in the house but ventures outside. Butler on the other hand did not warm up and he went to live in the “back forty” – which is the small gulch at the far end of the property. It took a few more months with Butler. Now he literally rubs on your legs during feeding times! Such a sweetie! Very happy he is safe with us here at Surf Cat Ranch! When I help colony caregivers I want to be able to help more by bringing these cats at risk to Surf Cat Ranch.

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